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Textile finishers must continually adapt to business requirements of their clients who have changed considerably in recent years on both the economy and international competition.

The two main strengths of European finishers on the international market are short circuit and quality charters meet the requirements of ISO standards. The first requires a very flexible and reactive management, able to adapt to each individual case and the second may impose rigidity management.

Agate is the IT field tool that can assist you in defining, managing and monitoring of material flow with the best compromise of modularity, flexibility and rigor.












Agate is a general tool for managing trade flows and production for the textile finishing 40 to 200 people working somehow integrated companies.

Agate is the heart of the monitoring and planning of production around which have been developed with input / output taking orders to billing modules.

Planning factory load to better assess the time given to the customer placing an order. A simulation module can have in the planning of virtual drives or awaiting confirmation order to better define the period may be offered to the customer.

The real-time knowledge of the progress of implementation of each command to prevent or anticipate timeouts.

Flow monitoring can anticipate and sub-loads. Etc..




Management Unbleached

 Of purchases of unbleached program

 Monitoring of unbleached controls

 VMI arrivals unbleached ...

Customer Order Management

 Customer Management, Country, Currency, Incoterm, Transport.

 Risks, Outstanding ...

 Management of multi-currency controls, multi-languages.

 Monitoring the status of orders.

 Rate management articles and way customers charts, etc..

Preparation, Dyeing, Printing and Flow

 Provisions from generation portfolio Customer Orders.

 Assigning a standard range with any changes.

 Generation of OFs from lines Avaibilities and fragmentation in packages whose film is compatible with the most restrictive of the range position.

 Tracking process ...

 Outputs of unbleached or prepared stocks.

 Entry rates in parts of the OF

 Inputs stocks prepared or finished products.

Shipping and Billing

 Preparation of shipping documents from customer orders and items in stock.

 Management of stocks of finished products.

 Generate invoices from slips shipments.

Finite Capacity Planning for & Infinite

 Each launch is injected into the schedule to stop its creation in the client time with staking later finished each operation in the routing capacity.

Agate maintains the schedule in real time by eliminating operations tracked and rejalonnant the earlier delays.

 For each production sector, the foreman can query the available load and future sorted by customer, emergency code, number or colors allowing it to easily organize the very short term period.

 Dashboard Finite and Infinite load by week and day.

Monitoring Production

 For each launch is a follower edited form with Barcode (CAB) for each operation on track.

 At each start and / or end of the operation, the operator declares tracking cab identity, the OF and the operation concerned and the specific additional information for each type of operation (Film, width, etc. ..) .

 Agate and has real-time information to enable it to monitor the flow, maintaining expenses and the progress of each OF, build on the past time, etc..

 Statistics: Timeliness, Yield machine Production Diary, etc..

Recipes Dyeing, Printing and Coating

 Revenue management in continuous and discontinuous dyeing, printing and coating.

 Editing Coupons every stain or combination OF OFs.

 BOM management. Needs Analysis compounds and components.

 Inventory management drugstore. etc..




Agate works on platforms Windows PC network 9x/2000/XP/NT *.

Industrial terminals acquisitions barcode MICA themselves built on a compatible PC architecture PC104 industrial size *. They fit into an Ethernet network *, which allows them to substitute the desktop PC when the environment allows.



Running on platforms PC network, the Agate modules can be easily integrated into the information system of your company. Agate communicates on different sites with the worlds IBM, Digital, HP, ..

This integration allows partial implementations Agate with upstream and downstream communications to make or receive information from the central management system.




Agate is based on standard components and is written in C / C + + programming language the most powerful and well recognized market.

Full compatibility with the bases BTRIEVE data * or * INFORMIX allows customers to access their data by end applications developed with tools such as Microsoft Access * SQL * ODBC * ...

This architecture development and voluntarily open operation ensures the customer the sustainability of its investment and development of its installation to its needs.

Modules developed in Java * Ydris by the company, our partner in new technologies used to query the database and create reports:

  • PowerForm.SQL

  • PowerForm.Viewer &

  • PowerForm.Designer.




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