Cristal: Computer tool the dye


Cristal: Computer Tool Workshop dyeing operations dressing and dyeing have enough importance in the production cycle of a fabric to warrant IT support tools for better control all the parameters:

  • Formulation,
  • Program design,
  • Piloting process,
  • The control of the automatic kitchen
  • Supervision of the workshop,
  • Inventory management PAT, dyes,
  • Calculating gross requirements and missing in PAT and dyes,

Crystal is the computer field tool that can assist you in the design, management, monitoring and control of the dyeing process with the best compromise of modularity, flexibility and rigor.












 Transfer of information to the central management system,

 Management database.


 Management data:

  • Components: PAT and dyes.

  • Formulas and recipes.

 Composition formulas by definition PAT or dyes and concentrations.

 Defining Recipes by assembling formulas.

 List of formulas and recipes using component.

 Substitution of a component with another in a selection of recipes with a coefficient of substitution.

Dyeing programs

 Management functions dyeing machine type.

 Composition programs dyeing definition parameters and sequencing functions.

 Composition programs duplication.


 The Fact Sheet is the synthetic element that defines the recipe and the program to use for each dyeing or preparation according to achieve the finished (Quality, colors) product.

Good Weighing

 Each output can be edited a Good Weighing valued based on the weight of tissue to be treated.


  Crystal has 4 versions of programmers:

  • Terminal, 32 digital I / O, 1 E ANA and regulation T ° all or nothing.

  • Terminal, 32 digital I / O, 2 / O and control ANA T ° analog.

  • PC, 64 digital I / O, 4I/2O ANA.

  • PC + Terminal manual with 64 digital I / O, 4I/2O ANA.

 All versions include only commercial components. The first two versions are built on the basis of a PLC. The last two versions are built on the PC couple + PLC.

 Programmers can be centralized via PC network or a network controllers according to their configuration.

Stocks & PAT needs and Dyes

 Each consumption observed in PAT or dye, Crystal is the movement of output corresponding stock.

 Functions of inputs and outputs allow stock to maintain the manuellement.Cristal stocks can select all or part of Good Weighing waiting for calculating gross requirements and any missing in PAT and dyes.

PAT kitchen and Dyes

 This option is only available with PC-based controllers.

 Just add a function call in the Kitchen program.

 Interfaces with kitchens are defined for each installation.


 Real-time knowledge of the beginning and end of dyeing.

 Ability to edit the minutes of the dye lab with curves and anomalies.

 Daily summary of dyes used.

 View the history of a process following complaints.




Crystal runs on platforms PC network * Windows * 9x/2000/XP/NT.

Programmers, according to their version can integrate industrial PCs or be centralized through a network of controllers supervised by a PC.

They include only commercial components. This standard structure voluntarily guarantee easy maintenance and hardware developments.

In the network version, Crystal optimizes the use of certain resources on your entire fleet of dyeing machines.



Running on platforms PC network, the Crystal modules can be easily integrated into the information system of your company. Crystal communicates on different sites with the worlds

  • AS400 *
  • MicroVax *
  • HP9000 *
  • DPS7 * ...

This integration allows for partial settlements Crystal with upstream and downstream communications to make or receive information from the central management system.

This integration allows to have at the foot of the machine, all the information necessary for dyeing and promptly report all results to the central management system.



Crystal based on standard components and is written in C / C + + programming language the most powerful and best known market.

Full compatibility with the bases BTRIEVE data * or * INFORMIX allows customers to access their data by end applications developed with tools such as Microsoft Access * SQL * ODBC * ...

This architecture development and voluntarily open operation ensures the customer the sustainability of its investment and development of its installation to its needs.

Any specific development can be studied on presentation of a specification.

Crystal programmers can be adapted to a large number of dyeing machines. They already installed the following hardware:

  • Alizé * Béné *
  • Soft Flow * MCS *
  • Futura *
  • Colorado Baby * and * Alliance *
  • * Jigger of Benhinger *
  • Autoclaves Bariquand *.




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