Quartz: The solution for Computer Aided Textile Tour


Visiting a fabric is the signature of quality contract supplier spend with clients. The quality of this signature depends essentially on the tour operator. Quartz allows him to devote himself entirely to his main function control tissue that supports the maximum ancillary functions such as:

  • Monitoring and recording of the data entered during the visit.
  • The activation of effector according to the gift-due.
  • Editing labels and reports.
  • Etc ...














  Transfer of information to the central management system,

  Management database.

Initialization station visit

  Entering general data room and data recovery already known in the database.

  Possibility to set the position of visit based CoC client.

Business Process

 Automatic acquisition of the film in forward and reverse,

 Acquisition without stopping the machine defects (code DP position) by simply pressing a button default

 Laying bells fault without stopping the machine,

 Measurement of continuous automatic width (20 measurements / second)

 Measurement of colors and variations with a measurement system MINOLTA

 Stops machine preset.

End piece

 Section of the part,

 Acquisition of gross and net weight,

 Proposal for a calculated choice,

 Review of visit

 Blocking non-compliant color parts

 Shading (shading, subdivision)

 Editing labels.


 The textile business is the last operation of the range of manufacturing a fabric, Quartz lets you know instantly on a quantitative and qualitative terms:

 The production of a plant in terms of finished products (daily and monthly summaries of production quality, colors, etc ...).

 The amount of film to resume production, with ranges recovery function defects,

 The parts that come into stock,

 The development of parts in stock,

 The parts ready for shipping

 The films to charge and subsidized films

 Statistical quality monitoring,

etc ...



Quartz implements a workstation built on industrial bases compatible hardware Windows PC 9x/2000/XP/NT *.

Quartz dialogue with your machine via a PLC.

Quartz and can connect to different organs of a machine visit:

  • The machine control, motors,
  • The metric encoder
  • Poses-bells,
  • Keyboard defects, etc ...

Also with more advanced interfaces, Quartz can communicate with any device equipped with doors RS232C or Centronics communication:

  • Printers
  • Label room package
  • Film room, Visit Report
  • electronic balance
  • Tare, Gross Weight, Net
  • Chromaticity coordinates
  • shading
  • Measuring laser width in continuous
  • Value of the overall width.

The Quartz stations can be networked in order to optimize the use of some common resources to all inspection tables. This configuration can be completed quality management positions for the preparation or use of the information required or generated by the station visit.



With its structure PC, Quartz can access the largest library of software and computer peripherals. And always there is a solution for the integration into the information system of your company.

Quartz communicates on different sites with the worlds :

  • * IBM (IBM38, AS400, Series1)
  • * DIGITAL (Vax)
  • BULL * (DPS7).

This integration allows to have at the foot of the machine, all the information needed to visit and quickly communicate all results to the central management system.



Quartz is based on standard components and is written in C / C + + programming language most powerful and best known market.

Full compatibility with the bases BTRIEVE data * or * INFORMIX allows customers to access their data by end applications developed with tools such as Microsoft Access * SQL * ODBC * ...

This architecture development and voluntarily open operation ensures the customer the sustainability of its investment and development of its installation to its needs.

Any specific development can be studied on presentation of a specification.

QUARTZ reaches its power optimization with its manual and automatic cutting visits from large roller large roll module. This optimization allows a better respect for qualitative and quantitative constraints of clients while providing gains first choice of the order of 10%.



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