Siam: The professional management of textile converters


Textile converters must continually adapt to business demands of their customers that have evolved considerably in recent years on both the economy and international competition.

The two main strengths of European converters in the international market are short circuit and quality charters meet the requirements of ISO standards. The first requires a very flexible and reactive management, able to adapt to each individual case and the second may impose rigidity management.

Siam computer management tool that can assist you in defining, managing and monitoring of material flow with the best compromise of modularity, flexibility and rigor.














Siam is a general business management tool and put into production for textile companies converting from 20 to 200 people.

Siam is the heart of the inventory tracking and jobber outstanding knitting, dyeing and printing around which have been developed out of taking orders to billing / O modules through purchase orders and son of fabric.



Management Son

 Management son, composition material, references suppliers, ...

 Capture and Order Management son,

 Management son batch of arrivals among weavers and knitters stocks ..

Weaving & Knitting

 Generation provisions in weavers & knitters

 WIP tracking,

 Entering production declared in the room identified in a recipient.

 Theoretical consumption stock son. 

Management Unbleached

 Of purchases of unbleached program

 Order Tracking purchase unbleached

 Management of unbleached batch of arrivals in stocks finishers,

Customer Order Management

 Customer Management, Shelves, Country, Currency, Incoterm, Transportation, Risks, Assets, Credit Insurance, ...

 Management estimates with confirmation of price and time by material and manufacturing services.

 Management of industrial or sample orders in multi-currency and multi-language code with an emergency.

 Management controls to produce or stock and monitoring of progress.

 Reservations on stock batch of parts.

 Management of selling prices of items 8 columns and multi-currency pricing and theoretical standard returns.

 Rate management commission agents.

 Followed by commercial margins, agents, customers, countries, qualities, etc. ...

 Financial performance of orders to be delivered.

Preparation, Dyeing, Printing

 Provisions from generation portfolio Customer Orders,

 The provision represents the entry point to the Management Manufacturing.

 Rate management preparation, dyeing, finishing and printing.

 Consultations theoretical stocks available to produce quality,

 Monitoring time extensions with archiving and communication to the sales assistants.

 Followed by outstanding finishers, quality, color, design, etc..

 Entering production reported by the jobber, calculation of theoretical consumption and fabric stock putaway to a subcontractor potential recipient.

Inventory Management Subcontractors

 Followed withdrawal rates and theoretical yields quality.

 Cuts a valued quality in a contract manufacturer to adjust the theoretical data in real.

 Management of an annual inventory for all stocks in all tissues contractors.

Parts Inventory Management

 Stock management in the room identified by pallets and bins.

 Inventory management by portable terminals barcode reading on commissioning functions palette, set record, statement, constitution of groups, various outings, ...

 Management and annual physical inventory turns with statements barcodes.

Management Sampling

 Composition ranges and editing robracs machine-Polytex *.

 Inventory management and stock samples ranges.

Shipping and Billing

 Preparation of shipping documents from customer orders and items in stock.

 Managing slips Waiting to prepare shipments reserving rooms for orders.

 Assigning parts to slip by grouping compounds from reading bar code parts.

 Generate invoices from BLS with potential combinations.

 Monitoring of current bills.



Siam runs on platforms PC network * Windows * 9x/2000/XP/NT with Netware servers * or * NTServer or 2000Server.



Running on platforms PC network, the Siam modules can be easily integrated into the information system of your company. Siam communicates on different sites with the worlds IBM, Digital, HP, ..

This integration allows partial implementations of Siam with upstream and downstream communications to make or receive information from the central management system.



Siam is based on standard components and is written in C / C + + programming language the most powerful and best known market.

Full compatibility with the bases BTRIEVE data * or * INFORMIX allows customers to access their data by end applications developed with tools such as Microsoft Access * SQL * ODBC * ...

This architecture development and voluntarily open operation ensures the customer the sustainability of its investment and development of its installation to its needs.

Modules developed in Java * by * Ydris company, our partner in new technologies used to query the database and create reports:

  • PowerForm.SQL,
  • PowerForm.Viewer &
  • PowerForm.Designer.

Any specific development can be studied on presentation of a specification.



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